Compassionate Care

Cat Services Overview

Cats generally keep themselves clean, but if they get especially dirty, come into contact with toxins such as grease or oil, bombarded with fleas or have medical issues, they should be given an appropriate treatment. We are happy to offer these services. The Price is based on the feline's size, coat condition and behavior.

To fulfill our promise that your pet(s) will be kept safe, happy and showered with love we know it is necessary to provide a unique environment. We achieve this by giving each guest his/her own area, soothing music, choice of premium beds, toys, bowls, treats, favorite games and his/her own food. We continually keep the area clean, freshen water and monitor intake, eliminations and behavior to ensure their well-being. Every animal receives the individual care they need. This is all included in our daily boarding rate listed below.

Pick up before 12:00 noon and last day is FREE!

Cats:                             $20.00 per day

2nd Pet same area    $18.00 per day.