Compassionate Care

Day Care Services Overview


A healthy dog needs plenty of exercise, socialization and mind stimulation to be a well balanced and well mannered puppy.
Day Sitting is a great opportunity to achieve all of these things. Let them spend the day with us and they can play in the large yards and playroom and  make new friends. They will play in the yards a minimum of 4 times, if full day, get treats when we come in and visit with us. We also give them their own private area with a fluffy bed, bones and toys. So they can grab a quick catnap before returning to play. 

ADD ON a Field Walk, Pond Stroll or The Ultimate Exploration for even more Fun! 

      Full Day  (5 hours or more)            1/2 Day 
      1st pet: $25.00                                 $20.00
      2nd pet:$20.00                                $18.00
                               DAY SITTING TIMES
                             Monday through Friday
                                 7:30am - 6:00pm

Leave your dog for the day and they can enjoy all the same Day Sitting privileges with a couple hours out to get their groom on. 
       NORMAL GROOM PRICE plus $15.00

It is our policy NOT TO ALLOW dogs from different families to interact unless ALL pet owners concerned have signed our consent forms.